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  • Thanks to guys finally got a gorgeous kitchen. It's like a gift for a New Year Eve. Good work. I'm really happy!
    Dec 2017
  • Very nice work. All my family is enjoying new furniture. Good quality. Thanks.
    Jun 2017
  • I've already used the services of Artem & his team twice. Now I'm planning to make some changes in my bathroom and I will ask guys to help me again for sure.
    Feb 2017
  • Thank you "Love My House" for the great job! Recommend it.
    Dec 2016
  • Great and highly experienced builders! We had small side return build on our house and it was the most relaxing and stress free building project we've ever experienced. Definitely recommend Love My House builders!
    Aug 2016
    Tanya J
  • This firm is well qualified and professional, use good quality materials. They finished my wardrobe on time. I've already recommended them to all my friends. Thanks guys.
    May 2016
  • Very prompt and efficient service. Excellent job! Thank you!
    Apr 2016
    Maria, SW1
  • "Excellent finished job & communicated very well throughout; would recommend. Thanks."
    Mar 2016
    Jay M. Wimbledon
  • "This website is amazing!"
    Mar 2016
    Dario Rigon
  • "Painting and minor woodwork repairs to exterior of house. Excellent job. Arrived when they said. Two excellent tradesman who were professional, considerate and quiet - no transistor radios. Will definitely go back to them."
    Jun 2015
    Chris SW7
  • "Love My House did a fantastic job on our extension, they were very professional and reliable. We would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again."
    Feb 2015
  • "We engaged Artem of Love My House Ltd to build a porch and patio. Although his lead time from booking to starting was several months (which we knew about), he nevertheless started on time and finished on time. Throughout the whole process we found him to be proactive, providing solutions when issues arose. Importantly, he kept us informed, what was going to happen & when. Very pleased with the result"
    Sep 2014
  • Excellent communication throughout pre the job completion. During week of completion very informative identifying previous errors from kitchen installation that were rectified to make a safer house. Cannot fault the service of Andy and Dillon, prompt and efficient. Changes to location of sockets accomodated and plenty of good advice. Would recommend and use again.
    Mar 2014
    Shane, W4
  • “Would thoroughly recommend Angle Builders. They were very courteous and clean. The work was carried out in a timely manner! Nothing was too big, small or a problem. Follow up has been fantastic."
    Oct 2013
  • "This is a quality building firm. Amazing! Artem and his team were dream builders for us. Hard working, kind, considerate,tidy, honest and damn good builders. Plastering was top notch.We had walls down and built up again, skimmed ceilings/coving, decorating, pipes hidden in walls, kitchen removed. Nothing was too much trouble and I’m sure I changed my mind on things more than anyone they had met but nothing was too much trouble. The finished job is excellent. Highly recommend."
    Aug 2013
    Sofia M. Tooting
  • "We have used Love My House twice now for electrical work, and can honesty say that the electrician we have used have been of the highest quality."
    Oct 2012
  • “I am delighted with the work! Staff were always hard working and friendly, they also had time for my children, in fact one of my sons now carries his toy tool box wherever he goes! They are a great team and I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work. I would 100% recommend them for any job large or small. I now have a beautiful new home courtesy of Love My House!”
    Dec 2011
    Antonia SW5
  • "I wanted a refurb of a investment flat (4 bedrooms) in a week. Outrageous - but Artem, his colleague Andrey and the various trades that Artem hired pulled it off. They worked until midnight on the last day! And they kept me informed, we both chose items for the bathroom, kitchen etc. and Artem drove and delivered them from all around west London. No nonsense from the first conversation until delivery. Highly recommend them."
    Nov 2010